Luang Phor Tim

Luang Phu Tim

In the heart of Thailand, nestled among the verdant hills of the north, lies the serene temple of Wat Laharn Rai. It is here that the life and legacy of the Great Thai Buddhist Master Monk, Luang Phor Tim Issarigõ, is revered and celebrated with utmost devotion.

Luang Phor Tim was a revered monk of great wisdom and compassion, whose teachings and amulets continue to inspire and protect those who seek his guidance. Born in 1913, in the province of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Luang Phu Tim was ordained as a monk at the tender age of 21. From then on, his life was devoted to the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and the betterment of his fellow beings.

As a young monk, Luang Phu Tim studied under the guidance of several renowned teachers, honing his skills in meditation and scriptural knowledge. But it was his innate talent for creating powerful amulets that set him apart from his peers. Luang Phor Tim’s amulets were imbued with a mystical energy that offered protection and good fortune to those who wore them.

Luang Phu Tim Wat Lahan Rai

In his later years, Luang Phu Tim became a revered master in his own right, attracting devotees from all over Thailand and beyond. He spent his days in quiet contemplation, imparting his wisdom to those who sought his counsel, and creating amulets that would become treasured heirlooms for generations to come.

One of Luang Phor Tim’s most famous amulets is the Phra Khun Paen Plai Kuman, a sacred powder amulet, made with powerful magical ingredients, that is believed to bring immense wealth, business success, popularity and preferential treatments, as well as bringing all forms of good fortune, and protect the wearer from harm. This amulet is adorned with intricate designs and features the image of Luang Phu Tim himself, imbuing it with his spiritual energy and blessings.

Pra Khun Phaen Pong Prai Kumarn Nuea Khaw 2515 Luang Phu Tim

Another powerful amulet created by Luang Phu Tim is the Look Om Pong Plai Kuman sacred powder ball amulet, and of course, the world famous Phra Kring Chinabanchorn, a small Medicine Buddha Vajrayana statuette, that is believed to offer protection and ward off evil spirits, as well as bring high status, long life, and heal illnesses. This amulet is often worn by soldiers and police officers, who trust in its power to keep them safe in dangerous situations, and in fact was sponsored in various editions by the military regiments of Rayong, for they beseeched editions from Luang Phor Tim, to protect them in their service to the nation.

Pra Kring Chinabanchorn Nuea Boroma Putto

Certificate for Phra Kring amulet Luang Phor Tim

But perhaps the most revered amulet created by Luang Phor Tim are his many Rian Sacred metallic coin amulets, such as Rian Jaroen Porn, and Rian Nakprok Paed Rorp, Rian Huang Chueam, Rian Mae Nam Koo, and Rian Sema, all of which are believed to offer immense blessings of good fortune, and lifesaving protective magic to its wearer. There are many other famed and popular top class amulets of Luang Phu Tim, many using his famous Pong Plai Kuman, such as the Pra Siarn Dto, Siarn Lek, Pra Sivali, Pra Pid Ta Pong Plai Kuman, and many other kinds of amulets and talismans, such as the carved wooden Palad Khik, and many individual works such as varved ivory images, Mitmor knives and Pha Yant. Luang Phu Tim was especially famous for the Pha Yant Pad Boke, which is one of his rarest to find items.

Luang Pu Tim and Rian Sema Paed Rorb

Luang Phu Tim passed away in 1991, but his legacy lives on through the temple of Wat Laharn Rai and the countless devotees who continue to seek his guidance and protection. His amulets are treasured not only for their beauty but for the spiritual energy that they embody, offering comfort and protection to those who wear them. Luang Phor Tim’s teachings and amulets continue to inspire reverence and awe. His life was one of devotion and selflessness, and his spiritual legacy remains an enduring testament to the power of faith and compassion.